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Is Norton Using Gorilla Marketing Techniques?

​Copyright 2015 by Nancy Owens All Rights Reserved


ScreenShot.Norton Marketing.08012015.pngFor many years Norton has been a leader in internet security. And with good reason. They are one of the best at what they do. I estimate that most small businesses use some form of Norton Anti-virus software. We trust Norton to protect us from all the spammers, jammers, and other Web-based evil doers.

But lately, I keep getting these pop-up things from Norton that at first glance seem pretty scary. And they are sometimes misleading. The one pict​ured at right is a screen shot of my desk top showing one of the more benign pop ups from Norton. This one is telling me my chrome is not protected.

There is another one that tries to get you to let it remove your McAffee anti-virus program.

I have found that for me, it just works best to close them and ignore them. If you load one of its fee programs, it just keeps trying to get you to buy their product and let it remove or uninstall your current anti-virus software.

I have to say that I am disappointed in Norton for using these kinds of marketing tactics, and I wonder if Norton's parent company is aware of this.

And please don't misunderstand me. I think Norton is a great product and use it myself in certain applications and machines. But I think they could have more effective and ethical marketing campaigns that the one they are currently using.

What about all you computer users out there? Have you been noticing these Norton pop-ups?