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​​​​​​​Articles by Nancy Owens​


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How to Get the Most Value from Your College Education Experience​​

​Health and Fitn​ess  

One Easy Exercise for Beginners or People who are Seriously Out of Shape

Gentle Gar​den Fitness Workout​

Gray and White Kitten in Lush, Woodsy Garden
Easy Abdominal Exercise for Seriously Overweight a​nd Out of Shape People​
Stick Figure Lying on Bed Doing Abdominal Exercise

​​Home Improvement​

​​Working With Home Rennovation Contractors

Wall Demo with Red Purse.jpg

Cat Training: How to Teach Your​​​​ Cat to Talk




Found on The Internet​

​Every so often I like to browse pinterest and other sites looking for cool projects, or unique websites for small businesses. Below you will find interesting articles and projects by other people who posted them on pinterest.

Just right click on one of the topics below and click on the "open in new tab" option. That way you can check it out and come back here.

If you go to the article, you will be taken to that website, just so you know.

DIY Garden Project: Quaint Herb Growing Pots

​​​Fun, Fashion, and Good Advice​
T​his site is called askawayblog.com.  It is a really fun site run by enterprising young people. It seems like a great site for colleage, or even high school aged people who have the same interests as the site producers.​