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​Direct and E-mail Mailing Services

Provided by Practical Solutions Administrative Support Services​, Soap Lake, WA


Right here in the community of Lakeview, just outside the city limits of Soap Lake, Washington.​

​​How It Works

​If you own a business, or devote time to a non-profit organization, you know you have to do some sort of advertising. It Fountain Pond in Rain 2013.jpghas been m​y experience that many small businesses and organizations will benefit by the Keep it Simple rule. What that looks like depends on the size of your company and the product or service you sell. If you have a store and sell items as your main source of income, your advertising program will be different than that of a plumber, attorney, insurance sales person, or landscaper. 

With that in mind, here is what I can do for you in the area of direct and E-mail notices for your business or organization:

  • Occasional, small volume E-mails announcing your event or activity
    • ​​You just send me your contact list and I can either write and design the announcement, or you can do that​​ part yourself! 
  • Regularly occurring notices, such as an electronic newsletter, meeting minutes
    • ​​We set up your contact list and design the basic publication. Then for each scheduled mailing, the information is updated if need be.
  • Large Volume E-mail
    • ​I work with a professional, specialty on-line platform designed to conform to current marketing standards of practice. This option is a little more expensive, but worth the cost if you are launching a serious marketing campaign.