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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Nancy's Local Review By Nancy Owens

​​​Here is where you will find my assessment of local attractions, events, and services and find out what I like about each one. In addition, some lucky local businesses will get a little free advertising​ if  they are featured as my Small Business of the Month. I will create a display business card ad for them and it will be featured in several places on 1practicalsolution.com as well as in my online newsletter.

​​​​​​Local Gossip in and Around Soap Lake, WA

​June 18, 2015176.jpg

  • ​Buster, the neighbor dog was sighted running around his yard several times with a toy in his mouth. Buster has Good Doggy Parents, as do most all of the neighboring pets around these parts. 
  • Cathy's living room addition was completed a couple weeks ago, and now they are working on the kitchen. If you know Cathy, you really should go check it out! She used this cool barn wood idea, and has some really tasteful decor.
  • Jan's elderberry bushes are doing really well. If you are thinking about trying these berry edible shrubs, Jan is the one to go to for info on how to do it!
  • ​Snip, the very large kitty cat, had to go to the vet because he woke up with a Dudly Do-right jaw the other day. Somehow he got a puncture wound. The Good Vet took care of it and he is all better now.​​
  • Stratford Road Resurfacing: At this time, there is still some loose gravel on the road. A few days ago a guy in a work truck went flying by me and chipped my windshield on my car, thank you very much. So... we still need to keep an eye on our speed until they get all that gravel off the road.
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​​Copyright 2015 Nancy Owens, All rights reserved.​​
Image Photo By Nancy Owens

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